Bogota to Aruca


Arrived in bogota in the afternoon of May 8. These people gave me a lift to a cheap hotel in the downtown.


Big but worn out buildings.


Some parts of town look nice.


But there are many homeless.


In daytime, there seems to be one military in each corner.

I was tired after the trip, so I took a nap in the afternoon. At about 2100 I wanted to go and get some kind of dinner. The woman in the reception was surprised I wanted to go out at that time. She said to go right, because going left was unsafe. There weren’t many people outside and it felt a bit strange. Everything was closed. Found someone selling grilled meat at a corner. Had one spit or chicken. Homeless people bothered me to give them money or whatever. I’m not used to the spanish accent here so I didn’t understand them. Went back to the hotel, but one man followed me all the way, constantly talking about something. I asked the receptionist who he is? “Guy of the street”. I asked if he was dangerous, expecting she would say no, but she said yes he is… Was still hungry, but I went back to my room to eat Skittles until my mout was sore… Well, better hungry than sorry!

Next day I went to Mariquita. Cute town. Chatted around. No one seemed to want to offer me a place to stay. But I didn’t want to go to a hotel again. Started walking towards my next destination, but after the last house of the village, I didn’t feel secure. Chatted with the people in the last house, who said there are hotels for about 7 dollars. I asked if I could sleep on their floor for $3, and they said ok.

This is their house:


I head their oldest son and oldest daughter discuss something about mice, and I thought they talked about why their cat was so skinny. But then the girl took out a computer mouse of her backpack, and explained that she had taken it because the boy plays too much computer games! He ran off to the computer and played almost the whole night.

The youngest but was a good student, studying math all night. They has a 3 month old girl also, very cute.

They gave me dinner: rice with stirfried egg and deepfried plaintain slices. Delicious.

We went to bed really early, about 2100, they gave me a bed with mosquito net, and I fell asleep under the deafening sound of heavy rain against metal roof.

Got the same thing for breakfast as for dinner. I tried to give them $6 for the stay and the food, but they refused.


Inside their house.


Birds drying their wings after the night’s rain.


For some reason, they measure their fuel in gallons… It’s about $4.6 per gallon.


“If you feel dizzy, ask for a bag.”


The fact that there are bullet holes are from both sides makes me think that someone wasn’t just practicing his shooting skills… People say things are much better than before, though, no rebels around any more.

I’m now in Manizales. Will try to go to Quibdó and then take a boat down the Rio Atrato, and then on some smaller river towards the Panamanian border. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Bogota to Aruca

  1. Carlos Serna says:

    Soy colombiano y lamento mucho que este buen ser humano sea una victima mas de esta guerra loca y sin sentido. La maldad de las FARC no tiene limite. Siempre con ustedes.

  2. Elmo Iván Jiménez Ch. says:

    Cuánto dolor y tristeza ha entregado esta guerra sin sentido a las familias de Colombia y el mundo. A su familia y a su país y como Colombiano víctima debo decirles que lamentamos profundamente este grave incidente y que deseamos fervientemente que a nuestro país llegue la paz para que sucesos como éste nunca mas se repitan.

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