I’m in riosucio now, on the atrato river. From here it’s not far from panama. There are supposedly quite many paths from here to panama. We’ll see how it goes.


53 thoughts on “Update

  1. Lil sis says:

    Hi darling, what’s up? Waiting for a new post. I’m not the worrying type considering you and I wish to keep it that way. Puss och kram

  2. John Sherman says:

    Dear family of Phillip, I don’t mean to be negative and I am not trying to make lite of this situation but if Phillip did actually try to walk from Colombia to Panama and you haven’t heard from him in over 6 weeks my sincerest condolences. I have lived in Panama for 5 1/2 years and only narco guerrillas, highly trained combat-jungle police, indigenous people who didn’t see anything, and nasty critters go through there. This is the first time I have ever heard of a foreign national trying to walk through the Darien province of Panama. You never know, miracles do happen so you can always hope. But also understand nobody will be sending a rescue team to find him. This is probably one of the most dangerous areas south of the US border.

  3. steveh says:

    is this the same guy as Jan Braunisch? Has he been found safe yet? I hope so. I live in Colombia and have visited Riosucio, several times in 2011/12. Generally I agree with John Sherman above. There are safer areas of the Darien (Capurgana etc on the coast) and the Rio Atrato is OK for now. But walking the border areas is not safe and outsiders do disappear in there. I know a few boat driver on the Atrato who might have heard something….

  4. pepito says:

    Soy Colombiano, y siento mucho lo pasado, nuestro pais es maravilloso pero lastimosamente los guerrilleros de las FARC no permiten que viajemos por nuestro pais. paz en su tumba.

  5. pepito says:

    I am Colombian , and I’m sorry it happened , our country is wonderful but unfortunately the FARC do not allow us to travel to our country. Peace in his grave.

  6. ADPascuas says:

    I have read today the whole history about Phillip, my sincerest condolences. I’m so sorry to say this but the trip that he wanted to do crossing the Darien was just reckless, an act of a Daredevil. There are places where you can go and other where you deffinitely can’t (MUST NOT), this is not only about the presences of Guerrillas, is about a place that is controlled by nobody, zones with strong presence of armed groups with different names that are in charge of protect the exit routes of Cocaine, that means DANGER.

    You can travel around many amazing parts of Colombia without taking such kind of risks, is a matter of information.

    R.I.P. Phillip.

  7. Maria Fernandez says:

    I cannot describe how sorry I am. Although I didn’t know him, as a Colombian, we terribly regret all these murders carried out by the members of the guerillas, both of foreigners and Colombian citizens. I hope this terrible situation serves as proof that the guerrillas are far from being an ideological movement, and that the organizations in Sweden and other European countries, that continuously send money to the FARC, realize that they’re helping them to continue perpetuate these atrocious attacks against innocent people. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  8. Alber says:

    My condolences to his family. I am really sorry and ashamed (I am Colombian ) for what happened to Philip. He did not deserve this. I am sorry.

  9. Soy Colombiano de la ciudad de Armenia (Q) y de verdad lamento y me duele de corazón lo que aconteció con Philip, Seguramente estaba en el lugar equivocado, en el momento equivocado y con gente equivocada, esa es una realidad que tenemos que convivir quienes hemos nacido en esta tierra tan bendecida por Dios, pero lastimosamente existen unos pocos que la hacen ver como una amenaza para el mundo. Todas estas fotografías que Philip adjunta son de pueblos cercanos donde yo nací, de gente buena, trabajadora y que todos los días son tan bien víctimas del conflicto guerrilla-estado-paramilitares, en medio del juego cruzado siempre está la población civil, son territorios prohibidos para muchos, en especial para extranjeros que siempre son vistos como espías de autoridades internacionales. Es duro lo que a ustedes como familia les aconteció, pero en Colombia, también muchas al igual que ustedes todos los días viven esta trágica realidad. En nombre de mi país, sólo tengo que decirles que hay cosas que no se pueden explicar estando afuera, porque los que estamos acá, llevamos más de cuatro décadas viendo desangrar este paraíso. Un abrazo. My condolences to his family. Alexander Lopez

  10. Jennifer says:

    My condolences to his family. I hope that you can find a way to deal with this difficult moment, I´m from Colombia and I really regret this situation, I didn´t knew him but you loved him so much and he was a good guy with dreams like us.

    My sincerest condolences.


  11. alma says:

    I really feel sorry about your actual situation, I’m colombian and I feel really boring of guerrilla, they are only terrorists, what they do doesn’t have a justification. My condolences. Is totally sad this guy knew the worst side of Colombia 😢

  12. AHV says:

    I apologize for my bizarre “country”. RIP, fellow traveler.

    Me disculpo en nombre de mi bizarro “país”. RIP, compañero viajero.

    • GeertTheisen says:

      Colombia is not bizarre, the FARC and the people who support them are the bizarre and bloodthirsty.

  13. Angie says:

    Reading the magazine article I came to this blog, this story broke my heart. As a Colombian I am very sorry for what happened. I feel powerless and frustrated with situations like this. Colombia is a wonderful and beautiful place, and I am sure Philip experienced that; but there is also a terrible conflict going on in some of the most remote areas. The situation across the country has improved significantly, but other areas as the Darien are becoming red spots for illegal transit of people and merchandise. He was very brave to even attempt to cross the border between Panama and Colombia; but he was even more brave to leave fears, misconceptions and prejudices behind and undertake the trip. My sincere condolences to the family.

  14. R.I.P. dear. Phillip! You, innocently, courageously, walked into the wolf ‘s mouth! You are one more innocent victim of this absurd 21st century war of a Marxist guerrilla trying to overthrow a legitimate State in a zone dominated by heavy drug trafficking. My deep condolences to his wife and family members. Colombia is a beautiful country, whose inhabitants are very hospitable and wonderful people, but with a serious armed conflict, equivalent to the barbarian period in Europe, in some parts of the country, such as the Darien area, in the border between Colombia and Panama.

  15. Carolina says:

    Why the police, knowing he was going to do that, didnt warn him??? He told them!! …. We, good colombians, are very sorry for your lost Philips wife, family and friends… </3

    • Daniella says:

      Carolina. These guys do not attend such recommendations, He was a “free spirit” guy, a hippie sort of…. they idealize a world full of love and are never driven by fear, just love, freedom and purity. A person thirsty for contact with nature and humans of other cultures and want to conquer the world with a smile…Be sure that more than one person told him, he was confident that there could not be such an evil force…He died pure and naive….Nuestro país es una vergüenza.

      • Zay says:

        No, “nuestro pais” NO es una verguenza. Las FARC son una verguenza para Colombia y para el mundo.

  16. Paulo says:

    To family and friends my sincere condolences, this is such a stupid war! and we feel so powerless about it, We don’t want more victims from this war, I didn’t even know him and I just cried when I read the news this week.
    It breaks my heart to realise how some people in our country can be so selfish and ignorant to think they have the right to take someone’s life….
    Rest in peace Philip

  17. Angélica Álvarez says:

    I am really sorry, and I apologize in name of my country.

    This is an stupid conflict, that take the lives of innocent people.

    My condolences for your family

  18. I am so ashamed and sorry for what happened to Phillip. Colombia is a Beautiful country with great people, unfortunately, farc and armed crminal groups claim power through terrorism, making the suffering of their violence part of the everyday life for us, Colombian people. God bless you all.

  19. Adriana Figueroa says:

    No words to explain the actions of this groups of violent people… Unfortunately the corruptions into the human souls is devastating our human race. We live in a wonderful world that we don’t know we have!
    My condolences and wish peace to the family!

  20. My deepest condolences for your family and relatives. I hate to say this, but, please, as a Colombian I can give my best tourist advice to anyone: STAW AWAY FROM THIS ROTTEN PLACE.

  21. My deepest condolences for your family and relatives. I hate to say this, but, please, as a Colombian I can give my best tourist advice to anyone: STAY AWAY FROM THIS ROTTEN PLACE.

  22. Mauro Medina says:

    My condolences to his family. Colombia it’s a great Country, but we have terrorists FARC, like kings by our Government. regards

  23. Majo says:

    To family an friends my condolences. This story is very sad. Unfortunately this is another case without punish for the guilty. Rest in Peace Philip.

  24. E says:

    My deepest condolences to your family. You died doing what you love. You were a scientist who unfortunately crossed the way of these nasty FARC b astards.
    I live in Colombia, and I can say to all that those nasty, digusting, obnoxiuos communist barbarians of the FARC should all go to hell and suffer every single bit of pain they have inflicted upon Colombians and foreigners. So many kidnappings, deaths, threats, disruptions of our lives in this beautiful country. Those bandits are scum, ignorant animals who are not even worth a penny’s shadow. I am sad to know that such a brilliant person like Philip had to encounter these narco-monsters. I hope the Army kills every single FARC barbarian.
    What do those Danish organizations who sold FARC tshirts have to say about their neighbor’s death? Every single person who has supported these scumbags at least for one second should be ashamed. In this life or the next, those FARC trash faces will pay.

  25. jorteruiz says:

    This is a real shame. I love my country, I love Colombia … but the FARC seem to hate the same country where they were born. Peace in his grave.

  26. Jag beklagar sorgen. Hoppas att Philips familjen kan förlåta vårt land. Måste jag säga att han valde en av farligaste platser på jorden, The DARIEN…

  27. Hellmut Kohlsdorf says:

    My dad moved to Colombia at the age of 11 with his parents and his sister. I moved there with my parents and a sister and a brother in 1970 and left to study in 1976. Even as a borne “ecuatorian” I am in love with Colombia and its wonderful people. But my father already used to say. Colombian people are the warmest and nicest people you can imagine, but they also have the ability to be violent and brutal. Guess why none of the precolonial empires in the Americas did exist in Colombia!

    Colombia is a great country with great people, but you have to know where to go and when to go. When I went to Colombia with my eldest daughter in 2001 we were unable to leave the boundaries of the city of Bogotá. In the 1970s my brother and myself travelled as kids alone from Bogotá to the department of Huila alone using public transportation. In those days many foreign young people travelled along the “Panamericana” with little risk, But a famous travel guide for youngsters already then wrote about “stories” that happened to travellers in Colombia!

  28. I just read the whole story. Im colombian. And im deeply sorry about him. I send his family and friends the best energy in such a terrible dark moment. As for other people planning to go to Colombia, please please please be safe, go only with other tourists and to safe places. Colombia is a wonderful country but the current situation makes it still dangerous in a lot of places, no one should just wander around colombia like this.


  29. Juliana says:

    I’m so sorry for this, I’m from Colombia, the must of us are a nice and good people but the please where he try to pass is very dangerous. Colombia is a nice and beautiful country and when this kind of things happend it’s sad for all Colombian people. Rest in peace. 😦

  30. Im so sorry, i´m from Colombia, and i not found words for this shame, i feel so sad, so angry, and i hope that world forgive us some day, by close so many dreams.

  31. Luisa says:

    This is a real tragedy, the fact that Jan was updating his blog just before it all happened is more confronting as well…
    what a beautiful soul! what a smart adventurous fearless and kind soul he must have been, to have traveled the world, to have learnt different languages, to have tried to connect with the world in such deep pure ways, and to have given Colombia a chance, while many foreigners live under the impression that we are all cavemen this man gave it a go, you can tell he was having a good time, he met nice people along the way and he was hoping he kept meeting this type of people throughout his trip. Unfortunately ignorance, violence and hunger have done a great damage to some people of my country. It is a vicious circle that only brings sadness along the way.
    may his spirit rest in peace, as for he passed doing what made him happy, what made him different, and I am sure he touched many lives with his quest.
    There are good people in the world! but sometimes good must face evil.
    My heart is with your family and friends and I dream of the day that Colombia lives in peace, for our sake and for the sake of humanity

  32. Carmen Rosa says:

    Muy triste saber que alguien se interese por conocer nuestro bello país, y que truncaron sus sueños, no permitieron ver que era un joven que quería mostrar
    lo bueno de Colombia y unos irracionales asesinos le robaron su pasión por vivir.
    A los padres y familia les digo, siento dolor e impotencia ,porque soy madre, y
    perder un hijo es el luto perpetuo de dolor y sufrimiento. ¡QUE TRISTEZA!!

  33. Katerine Bermudez says:

    Soy Colombiana! y Lamento Lo Sucedido… Claro que a la familia le e de ser Muy duro perder en tan crudas circunstancias un Hijo! 😦 … Es dificil entender una realidad que se vive dia a dia en el Pais, aunque no es justificable los actos de bandalismo! Solo un consejo a aquel que desee concocer la verdadera riqueza de Colombia! Hay que instruirse muy bien con quien se puede contar, en los lugares los cuales se pueden habitar y las zonas que se pueden recorrer… Es un Pais, que culturalmente tiene mucho que brindar, pero por personas que dan una imagen diferente no se logra recalcar lo bello que es COLOMBIA!

    Descanse en Paz, Jan Philip…

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